Everything you need know about Galaxy S4

all about Galaxy is a community for GalaxyS4 owners. You can find the user guide, tutorials, tips and tricks, news, review and buyer guide on Sasmung Galaxy S4. is a community for  Samsung Galaxy S4 owners who want to know more about the phone, who want to learn how to perform certain tasks and operations, and who want to share their experiences, tips and tricks with other S4 owners. You may post your questions and comments in the forum or in the comment section of the relevant posts. is also a community for potential Galaxy S4 owners who want to to get unbiased reviews and real-world experiences of this handset. Hopefully, these reviews and experiences of active users will be helpful for you to decide whether S4 is for your or not. We will try to compare Galaxy S4 with other brands and models, for example, HTC OneSony Xperia Z, Motorola X Phone (rumored) , Nexus 4, Black Berry Z10, LG Optimus G Pro, as well as the coming iPhone 5s or iPhone 6. Therefore, AllABoutGalaxyS4 is also a buyer guide on high-end Android phones. This Galaxy S4 buyer guide page has all the info you need.

Of course, most apps on Galaxy S4  can run  on many other Android phones, and some tips work on most other Android phones as well.. So, this community is also a resource for other Android phone users.

If you need the user manual of your Galaxy S4, you may check this Galaxy S4 User Manual page.

The Galaxy S4 Features Explained section give you detailed information and tips on the unique features in your S4.

In the Galaxy S4 case and cover guide section, you can find valuable information on high quality Galaxy S4 covers.

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