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chinese music world_logoIf you are a fan of Chinese classical music, is for you. is an authoritative source  for Chinese music (online radio, mp3 library,..), Chinese culture and Chinese learning.

It is all about you!. Chinese Music World Community is a place for all who likes Chinese classical music. Here, you can discuss, communicate, and share anything about Chinese classical music, and Chinese culture. We will also add the Chinese Learning section, and you are free to ask any questions on learning Chinese language.

You can enjoy our free 7/24/365 online Chinese Classical Music Radio; discuss with other members on any topics related to Chinese music, Chinese culture, and Chinese learning  in the Chinese classical music forums, instantly chat with other members in the chat rooms.

Of course, we will update our blog regularly to share with you the knowledge on Chinese classical musicChinese classical music instrumentsChinese culture, and Chinese learning. You can also download some music files (mp3) so that you can enjoy them offline.

New: Chinese Music Media library (beta) is alive.

You can enjoy the music just in your browser, or download each mp3. We are updating the collections each week to add more music.  So, you may bookmark the page and check it later if you cannot find the music you want. You can use contact us page to send your request and feedback.

If you want to buy some Chinese classical music albums or mp3, or want to buy books on Chinese music and culture, you may check our Chinese Music Store.


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